Endometriosis happens when tissue that should line inside of your uterus, grows outside of it instead. This tissue will break apart after the end of the period.


The women who have endometriosis suffer from pain and cramping, which can once in a while be extreme, particularly during the period. This can create complications when you need to have a child.




Specialists don't know precisely what causes endometriosis. A few specialists feel that menstrual blood with endometrial cells goes back through the fallopian tubes and goes out into the pelvic cavity where the cells adhere to the organs. This is known as retrograde period.


Hereditary qualities may likewise assume a job in whether you get endometriosis. On the off chance that your mother or sister has it, you're bound to get it, too. Also, it has been observed that when there is an inherited connection, the illness is by all accounts worse in the coming generation.


A few women with endometriosis additionally have immune system disorders. Be that as it may, specialists aren't sure whether this is a reason or an impact of the endometriosis.


Endometriosis is when the tissue that makes up the uterine covering is available on different organs inside your body. Endometriosis is typically found in the lower belly, or pelvis yet can show up anyplace in the body. Ladies with endometriosis regularly have brought down stomach pain, pain with periods, or even with sex, and may report experiencing serious difficulties getting pregnant. Then again, a few ladies with endometriosis might not have any of such symptoms.




Pain, including pelvic and pain with menses, is the most well-known symptom of endometriosis. Ladies may likewise have pain with intercourse. The side effects are regularly repetitive implying that the pain is more intense just previously or during the period, and afterward. Different side effects incorporate infertility for example pain with defecations, swelling, blockage, blood, and pain during the urine and conceivably irregular vaginal bleeding.




In order to diagnose the endometriosis, pelvic exam, ultrasound, Laparoscopy, RI and biopsy can be done to get the detailed analysis 


However, the most certain way to diagnose endometriosis is through laparoscopy. A surgical procedure is carried out to analyze the pelvic organs. The specialist sees the additional endometrial tissue during the laparoscopy, which can be removed to treat the patient.


In any case, other essential tests are regularly performed first, before a laparoscopy. These incorporate a pelvic test, where the specialist physically checks for anomalies, for example, vaginal ultrasound, which utilizes sound waves to make a picture of the uterus and reproductive organs. Vaginal and stomach ultrasounds can't completely conclude endometriosis; however, they can test for growths that might be caused by the condition.




There is no known solution for endometriosis. Medicines ordinarily incorporate medical procedures or drugs to oversee side effects. Endometriosis must be genuinely analyzed by a specialist performing laparoscopy (a medical procedure where a specialist looks in the belly with a camera for the most part through the stomach catch) and taking an example of a presumed variation from the norm. Endometriosis is seldom found in young ladies previously they begin their period; however, it is found in up to half of young ladies and youngsters with pelvic pain and painful periods.


Endometriosis relation with infertility and Pain


At the point when a lady with endometriosis has her period, she will bleed not just from the cells and tissue inside the uterus, yet can likewise have bleeding from the cells and tissue outside the uterus. At the point when blood contacts these different organs, particularly inside the stomach area, it can cause pain and disturbance. At times, scar tissue can likewise create from the endometriosis which can likewise add to the pain.




The greatest confusion with endometriosis is infertility issues. About a third to a half of ladies with endometriosis experience issues getting pregnant. Infertility can happen due to the condition that traps the egg close to the ovary, making it troublesome for it to go down the fallopian tubes to be prepared by sperm.

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