How to manage Stress during IVF?

Stress during IVF

In Vitro Fertilization can sometimes drain your emotional reservoirs. You may be experiencing a mixture of emotions. A lot of questions arise in the mind that what will be the end result? How will the process go on? Many what-ifs scenarios occur in your mind and this cycle of emotions and thoughts can be quite overwhelming. While you are on the roller coaster of emotions as this step really requires courage and patience, stress can be an automatic response.


At this point, your ability to deal with stress is challenged. You can bounce between extreme optimism to feelings of helplessness and pessimistic behavior. But you can overcome this and minimize the stress through self-help as well as through the support of others.


Here are some ways to manage stress during the whole process.


Empower yourself through knowledge and deep understanding


If you are full of anxiety, fear, and doubts and stuck in a loop then it is better to understand the core of the issue and gain a deep understanding of the matter. Inform yourself about the matter fully. Ask your medical team or infertility specialist about every question that arises in your mind. Talk to people who have undergone the treatment. The understanding of the matter gained through specialists, people with the same profile as you and through self-education will be the first step to reduce the stress during the period.


Express Your Feelings


You will undergo the phase of immense hope to extreme disappointments and it is natural to feel that way. You will feel a bit less stressful if you express your feelings about what you are undergoing right now. You can share it with someone who really gets it and other people who are going through the same situation as you are, the ones in your tribe. So join the support meetings and community and share your experience and rant your feelings. The needed reassurance will be provided and thus the discouraging behavior can be minimized


Train your mind by practicing relaxing techniques


The most difficult part is to train your mind to work through your emotions. You will find yourself stuck in the loop of negativity again and again. If you will not train your mind then you will feel yourself emotionally drained all the time unable to do daily activities too. Coping up with this situation requires genuine emotional effort too. The best way to cope with the situation is to do meditation. Meditation can help you to understand your mind better and can change your perspective about situations and events. The other technique you can use is yoga, aerobics taichi. Any of these can be used to make you calmer and relaxed. In addition to that if you do exercise too it will regulate and channelize your energy. The negative energy will be consumed by physically engaging yourself and thus you will be better be to fight with the stress if you are physically fit.


Engage yourself


Engage yourself in something that really sparks your interest. However, it may happen that due to stress and anxiety you are unable to do the activities you use to enjoy but to make that lost interest alive, first, you have to recharge your energy by the above methods by sharing, expressing, gaining knowledge and practicing relaxing activities. After that, once a certain level of energy is achieved, try to engage yourself in absorbing activities. Any creative activity that makes you unaware of your surroundings and the cycle of unstoppable thoughts will be beneficial for coping with stress.


Acceptance that some things are beyond your control


Accept the fact that you are trying you best, you are putting forth all your efforts. No matter what the outcome is you cannot control that. You can only control how to deal with yourself and the situation. Your emotional intelligence will play a vital role in that. Be willing to accept the emotional support from others instead of blocking your mind and delaying your own progress. Acceptance of the facts will make your life easy instead of resisting them and being passive about them. The more you accept the fact that some things are beyond your control, the easier your whole process will be.


In a nutshell, The IVF process can be really demanding physically and emotionally but you have to reassure yourself that you can get through this. You are not alone in this and there is a whole network of support and similar people like you undergoing through the same process and you can even connect with them too. Realizing the fact that you are courageous enough to take the decision and are ready to take responsibility of your dreams can be really enlightening. Do not be afraid of the outcome. Take a leap of faith and be proud of yourself for taking this step.

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