Infertility Problem - Why Can't I Get Pregnant?

Infertility Problems

Many spouses who are experiencing infertility are in pursuit of root causes and infertility treatments in a cost effective ways. Many infertile spouses ponder over the fact that why they are unable to conceive while fear of staying behind due to social pressure set-in their hearts.



Age is not just a number and have identified as a crucial element in determining the rate of getting pregnant by the infertility specialists. It has been recognized that women over the age of thirty-five have fewer chances of getting pregnant compare to early age pregnancies, whereas, men who are above forty would experience erectile dysfunction and sperms deterioration.  Pregnancy complications and miscarriages are also contributed to age difference in men and women. Hence, it is proven by studies that the pregnancy graph of early age mothers is steeper as compared to those who are in their forties.  The ovarian reserve failure i.e. DOR and Pre-mature ovarian  stimulation failure are mainly due to the fewer FSH level and lead to less or no eggs formation. The FSH hormone level fluctuates in the later years of life i.e. 35 onwards in women.


Bad Lifestyle

The prerequisite for a better and healthy life style contributes to getting pregnant but one cannot avail this opportunity if she is consistently pursuing rigorous and unpleasant ways. There are numerous reasons why an individual is unable to get pregnant. The way you take lead in your life definitely contributes to how it responds i.e. unhealthy and improper diet, stress and anxiety, and your day-to-day routine can have adverse effects on your immune system and might leave a long-lasting deficiency in your reproductive organs. To eradicate any toxicity and regain healthy reproductive organ, one must reconsider her diet and visit an infertility specialist to diagnose the possibility of conceiving. The following should be reconsidered by an infertility patient

•   Quit smoking and instead use olive oil.

•   A diet full of nutrients i.e. proteins and carbohydrates.

•   Green vegetables and fruits.

•   Terminate alcohol from your diet.

•   Less consumption of caffeine and other medications i.e. contraceptive drugs.


Sexual Positions

The couples who are desperately striving to get pregnant must consider listening to the experts.  The infertility specialist might assist you in reconsidering the way you opt your sexual intercourse urge. The rate of success increases depending upon the position chosen during sexual intercourse by spouses. The researchers have found that standing and women on top do not let the male reproductive part hit the cervix closely and it decreases your chance of getting pregnant. However, the man behind and on top i.e. missionary style would ensure that it penetrate deeply and hit close to the cervix.


Problems with Reproductive System

Many youths are diagnosed with the infertility disease and have experience pregnancy complications. The consultants may recommend those youths to see an infertility specialist who would undermine their reproductive disease. The inability to get pregnant is a reproductive disease without contraceptive measures. There are several defects found in the male and female reproductive system that hinder them getting pregnant. The use of chemo radiation in treating cancer can also cause infertility in an individual. 

ISGP has provided a series of blogs related to infertility diseases and how to combat this disease. We also provide insight about the doctors in different regions of Pakistan. According to the infertility specialist, there are many diseases related to male and female reproductive systems.


These are the following reasons:

•   Fallopian tubes being damaged due to pelvic tuberculosis or infection.

•   Uterus disorder due to cancer or thyroid.

•   Cervical Disorders i.e. her spinal disc becomes thin as she ages.

•   Ectopic Pregnancy; implantation of embryo outside uterus.

•   Endometriosis; tissues similar to uterus lining grow outside uterus.


The male experiences infertility due to the lack of sperm quality and their sperm’s structure deformation.


The other reasons are as following:

•   Ejaculatory duct obstruction; in this condition a man is unable to ejaculate some or no sperm i.e. a liquid like semen though he might feel sensation on the reproductive organ (penis).

•   Varicocele is a condition in men in which the veins enlarge in the scrotum and can be treated by opting open surgery.

•   Azoospermic i.e. erectile dysfunction in men and no sperm is produced.

•   Immunological infertility; it is solely if the sperm is comprised of more than 50% of igG or igA.


ISGP believes in delivering a quality content related to infertility treatments and its causes. The reason why can’t you get pregnant is pretty simple and requires you to mirror your own lifestyle and schedule an appointment with an infertility specialist to diagnose your reproductive organs. ISGP would recommend you to reconsider your choices regarding to your lifestyle as they have an every-lasting effect on your life. However, the infertility can be treated in male and female through innovative reproductive technologies such as IUI, ICSI and IVF.

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