Obesity and IVF – Does weight reduction help?

Obesity and IVF

The people who are overweight are in general under risk of diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and thus they are under high risk of infertility too. Obesity increases the chances of infertility too. The hormonal problems occur due to the presence of a high and low amount of fats in the body.


IVF treatment has a relation with obesity and it can affect egg quality. IF a woman is overweight or suffering from obesity, falling pregnant is more troublesome than the individuals who have normal weight. As the women get obese, the quality of her eggs reduces and furthermore the uterus becomes hostile towards the embryo which can result in miscarriage.


Body Mass Index Measurement


If the female is underweight or overweight, this could result in the complexity of pregnancy. In case if BMI is out of range, consult the specialist so that the adequate steps should be taken into consideration. Body Mass Index chart can be seen to accurately measure the weight height measurements. The lifestyle changes require to mitigate the complexity will be provided by the specialist. If this is the cause of infertility, then the recommended prescription given by the specialist can most probably resolve the issue.


What’s the solution?


Numerous investigations have shown that fertility diminishes as weight increments on average. On the other side, overweight patients who lose a lot of weight might have the capacity to ovulate typically and not require fertility medications or treatment. Yet, if you are overweight or fat, loss of 10 percent of your aggregate body weight can be sufficient to have any kind of effect in the accomplishment of your fertility treatment.


Reducing weight is a complex process. But it can have an enormous effect on your endeavors to begin a family. Converse with your specialist about eating routine and exercise, and check whether you can make an arrangement you can stay with thorough the whole procedure.

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