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Pregnancy Precautions

It is the dream of every couple to conceive a healthy baby and to achieve better results certain precautions are needed to be taken before and during the pregnancy.

It is recommended to take 400 (mcg) of folic acid on a daily basis to prevent birth defects which causes the abnormality in baby’s brain and spinal cord. This begins in the early phase (first trimester) of the pregnancy and the doctors believe that taking folic acid would result in formation of brain and spinal cord. The neural tube is developed during the first month when an embryo is attached to the lining of the uterus. It is highly recommended to take folic acid prior to pregnancy.

It is important to go through your diet plan when you are getting pregnant. Have a consultancy session with your usual doctor and discuss what medications you are currently using. The use of medication related to a serious health condition can cause certain defects in the formation of the fetus which might later emerge as cognitive abilities defect. The doctors in Pakistan might recommend you certain vaccines to stimulate growth of antibodies to protect the woman and fetus inside the womb. The vaccine will prevent serious illnesses and diseases.


Pregnancy precautions


Weight and Obesity During Pregnancy

The women should consider their weight prior to pregnancy. If a woman is overweight or obese then she needs to see her doctor immediately and take a roadmap to shed some weight. The weight can also lead to several defects in the baby formation and rises pregnancy complications. Many hospitals recommend abstaining from unnecessary junk food and excessive dairy products intake. The lactose intolerance is a digestive disorder which causes nausea and cramps during pregnancy. The women diagnosed with lactose intolerance are unable to produce enzyme lactase. It has been roughly estimated that almost 75% of world’s population is lactose intolerant according to World health organization. The pregnancy days can be hard on some women so we recommend constant consultation with your specialist. The lactose intolerance is treated by receiving enough Vitamin D and Calcium. However, the quantity of medication use is prescribed by the doctor.


Alcohol Consumption Causes Pregnancy Complications

You need to give up consumption of alcohol and other drug substances. The alcohol will definitely harm the baby and can cause the baby to have growth and central nerves system problems i.e. low birth weight and also cause abnormal facial features. The alcohol is passed on to the baby through umbilical cord and causes lifelong adverse effects which involves miscarriages and still birth. The defects caused as reaction to alcohol are called fetal alcohol spectrum disorders i.e. FASDs.


Side Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy

Smoking is considered equally harmful to the baby and increases the chance of defects in the baby after birth. The smoke general harmful effects involve cancer and heart disease etc. The high risk associated with smoking is sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The baby would have strange lips and mouth defect after the birth. Moreover, the use of nicotine would damage the lungs and brain of a baby. It is worthwhile to consider the harmful defects related to the substances and avoid its use prior to pregnancy and till you are recovered after giving the birth.


Fever, cold and flu

If a woman experiences fever with cold and flu then her baby is prone to develop several birth defects. One of the defects related to cold and flu sickness is anencephaly; it is the absence of the major portion of the brain that develops during embryonic development. It is a neural tube defect. Spina bifida is another defect which is formed as a result when the formation of spinal cord halts. Encephalocele is a defect due to failure of closing neural tubes. The babies having encephalocele has a 55% chance of survival. Cleft lip or cleft palate is developed separately and can form without each other in the babies. Colonic atresia is caused due to a complete or partial blockage in colon and another reason is when a part of colon is missed.


Third Trimester Diet Plan

It is consider highly essential to adopt a healthy life style especially when you are nearing delivery i.e. during the end days of pregnancy. It is vital to eat healthy food and putting on an extra pound if you are not obese. The intake of healthy fruits and other food helps your body to be strong and build the baby. The nutrients involve proteins (obtained from meat and pulse), carbohydrates (from wheat) and fats. It has been identified that including pulses in the diet would minimal risk of hemorrhoid i.e. the swollen veins in the lower part of the anus to prevent pregnancy complications.


Fight with Coronavirus

The weak immune system of pregnant women may cause miscarriage so it is essential to adopt precautionary measures in times when the world is plagued with coronavirus. The coronavirus is related with fever (high temperature) and can affect the immune system so it’s a must to get the flu vaccine. If you experience coronavirus during last trimester of pregnancy then your specialist may recommend you to give your baby in someone’s care. It is for the best for baby’s health.

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