When a male should see a Fertility Specialist?

Male fertility

If the couple is struggling to get pregnant and are undergoing a complex situation, then it is recommended that the male should also undergo the examination. The difficulty can occur from the male side too and there can be several reasons behind that. If apparently no issue has been observed, then still it is highly recommended that both partners should undergo the general check-up process. 


If you are unsure when to see the specialist, then consider the following factors before deciding.


Erectile Dysfunction


If the male is having difficulty in keeping the erection firm or there is some ejaculation problem and it is quite frequent then immediately consult the fertility specialist. There can be physical and psychological reasons behind the issue. Stress, depression and other mental health issue can be the psychological reasons or the physical reason can be diabetes, clogged blood vessels, high blood pressure, excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco, cholesterol and heart disease.


If erectile dysfunction is not frequent and has occurred really few times, then there is no serious issue but if it is really frequent and there are ejaculation issues too i-e premature ejaculation or delayed one then seek the help of fertility specialist.


Semen Analysis


Semen Analysis test is carried to check if the sperm count in the semen is normal or are the sperms healthy. If the primary doctor suggests Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) then the issue can be cured. But if sperm count is too low then it is time to consult to fertility specialists.


Preimplantation genetic diagnosis


If you have some family history in which there is a risk that some genetic disorder can pass to the child then it is recommended that preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) test should be taken into consideration. A fertility specialist can better guide in this process.


History of Infections or Lumps in testicles


Some infections can cause some sort of irregularity and can interfere with sperm production. These infections if severe can cause permanent testicular damage however if they are not severe then the sperm production can be retrieved


If there is some abnormality in the testicles, then the sperm count can be reduced or get affected. Lumps in the testicles should be examined immediately by the specialist. The main reason can be varicoceles which can cause low sperm count. This issue can be resolved by in virto fertilization (IVF) for which specialists will provide the whole road map of the procedure.


Nonobstructive azoospermia


A sperm production problem in the testicles due to which sperm count is zero. This can be diagnosed through a blood tests. Reproductive hormones are involved in this process in which follicle-stimulating hormone is raised. This problem can occur due to chromosome abnormalities or due to some gene problem. In the case of obstructive azoospermia in which as opposed to nonobstructive azoospermia, sperm production is normal but due to some blockage in the reproductive tract ducts, sperm does not leave the body. This problem can also be diagnosed by a blood tests. In both cases, you should contact the fertility specialist


Age and Weight


The male’s age can also directly impact the conceiving process too. Though age is not the man issue in man’s case this is the fact that as the male gets older the characteristics of the sperm vary and can eventually reduce which can cause infertility. So it is advisable to not wait for a long time in order to consult the specialists. Get yourself checked beforehand.


Obesity can also affect the procedure of the couple getting pregnant. If the male partner is suffering from obesity and it is extreme, then the sperm quality and count can be worse in such scenarios. Proper diet, exercise, and guided health and exercise habits need to be followed to overcome the situation. In the same way, being underweight can also cause issues. And the same measure of guided nutrition needs to be taken into consideration. The fertility specialist can guide you in such a situation if the obesity or being underweight is interfering in the process.


Undescended Testicles


In Undescended testes, boy's testes have not grown in the proper place in the scrotum. This problem occurs during birth. Anti-sperm antibodies can hinder sperm way and thus can result in low sperm in the semen. Retrograde ejaculation can cause the sperm to ejaculates backward into the bladder.


Reproductive Issues


There can be several reproductive issues such as penile inflammation which causes itching, redness and pain in the penis, micropenis in which the penis is below the average size, testicular trauma in which some severe condition occurred during the sports or any such activity and the testicular get injured. If you have encountered any of such issues, immediately contact the fertility specialist.


Health Issues


If the male partner has a history of some health issues like undescended testes at birth, genetic issues such as anti-sperm antibodies which are proteins in your blood that are hostile to sperm 


Which can destroy them or cause infection, retrograde ejaculation, or family transmitted diseases which can be diabetes, all these can affect the fertility procedure. In such cases, fertility specialists can provide you the help needed and you have to undergo the whole treatment to overcome this.


These are some of the factors which can hinder the fertility process from the male side and should be considered. The fertility specialist will examine the situation through semen analysis, the sperm count test and several other tests. The initial test will be taken into consideration if the underlying problem is not obvious.  Then the further treatment will be suggested. So consider the following reasons, if you have any of them then consult the fertility specialist immediately.

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