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February 14, 2020, 1:34 pm

Listen to me

My child doesnʼt listen to me when I say ‘noʼ!

  • Laraib
    5 days ago

    One of the many problems a parent has to face is that the kid has become ‘used toʼ to the NO!

  • Liaba
    5 days ago

    Asses yourself and see how often are you asking him not to do something.

  • Sadia
    5 days ago

    Itʼs a known thing that when you keep repeating something it loses its value. 

  • Faiza
    5 days ago

    But Make sure you know when it is absolutely important to say NO to something. And say it sternly, saying it less and saying it sternly would definitely be effective.

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